Biden and McCarthy meet for US debt ceiling negotiations as deadline looms

debt ceiling

The negotiations to hike the United States debt ceiling have been ongoing in the Congress as the Republicans are pushing for the proposed bill to become law. Meanwhile the Democrats contradicts the proposed bill but fall short to hold ground in the Senate as they are in minority in the Upper House of the United … Read more

China summons Japanese ambassador after anti-China remarks during G7 meet


The 49th annual summit of leaders of Group of Seven (G7) nations was held recently from 19 to 21 May at Hiroshima, Japan. The world leaders, comprising the group, came together to discuss the ongoing geo-political and economical concerns around the world.  As has been the democratic meetings norm in recent times, the world leaders … Read more

Russia claims Bakhmut under its control, Zelensky contradicts

The longest and bloodiest of the battles has been continuing in the city of Bakhmut which Russia has been struggling to control. Russia recently claimed that the city is finally under its control  which has been rebuffed by the Ukrainian President .   The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war since February last year clearly does not seem … Read more

Beyonce’s Renaissance tour concerns: Climate impact and use of live facial recognition technology


One of the most celebrated and net-worthy megastar of this century has finally announced her solo world tour named as “Renaissance” and the extravaganza has already begun starting from the UK with its first stage setup at Cardiff. Fans across the world have traveled to the United Kingdom to witness their favorite star performing live, … Read more

Washington is under concern to regulate AI but uncertain with the road ahead.


With the expeditious development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the need to regulate it has become crucial to mitigate its harmful effects on the human population. Various government stakeholders around the country are concerned about AI’s need for regulation and so is Washington but is dwelling into the conundrum of the uncertain path ahead. … Read more

Imran Khan accuses Army of plotting his arrest for 10 years

Imran Khan

After the dramatic arrest of the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan from the Islamabad High Court by almost 100 paramilitary forces in a land corruption case and was put into police custody, he was finally released by the high court on grant of bail. Pakistan is going through turbulent times both politically and economically. … Read more

Sweden’s Loreen big win at Eurovision; countries stood with Ukraine in support


The 67th Eurovision Song Contest finally came to an end in Liverpool, England. This year, thirty-seven countries in total sent each group of participants selected by their countries through local votes and competitions.  At the finals, twenty-six countries were qualified to compete further, which includes a permanent group of six countries at every annual song … Read more

US opens embassy in Tonga, a new move to defy Chinese dominance

The United States of America has opened an official new  embassy in Tonga, which can be seen as America’s thumping effort to subvert the growing dominance of China around the Pacific. The US States department spokesperson Mathew Millar notified in a statement  on Tuesday that the US has opened an embassy officially  in the Tongan … Read more

Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court gives nod to new bill decriminalising homosexuality  

Sri Lanka

Campaigns for decriminalisation of homosexuality by the LGBTQ+ activist groups have been going on in Sri Lanka for decades. The recent judgement by the country’s Supreme Court gives much needed push for sexual rights to the LGBTQ+ community of the country.  A bill which was brought in the Sri Lanka’s assembly to decriminalise homosexuality was … Read more

Right-wing parties in Chile to dominate in drafting of new constitution

A major-blow has been encountered by the ruling far-leftist government of Chile as the conservatives pull out major votes in its favor  and will be dominating over the draft-making procedure of Country’s new constitution. The country has been underway to rewrite its constitution which was explicitly promoted by the ruling leftist government, headed by President … Read more