Arab League Chief Commends Erdogan’s Resounding Victory, Igniting Unprecedented Arab-Turkey Alliance

Arab League’s Secretary-General, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, congratulated Erdogan on his election victory. Attempts to strengthen connections between Turkey and Arabs. 

The Arab League’s chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit has felicitated Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on his victory in the 2023 Presidential Elections. 

The presidential elections of Turkey took place in the month of May. 

Erdogan won the elections by securing 52.2% of the votes. Following its triumph, the party was praised by the general populace and touted by world leaders.

(Source: Arab News)

On Tuesday, Jamal Rashdi, the Arab League’s spokesman, made an announcement regarding a letter of congratulations the secretary-general sent to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in honor of his victory.

I wish you and the Turkish people success and prosperity under your leadership. I believe that expanding the level of cooperation between the Republic of Türkiye and the Arab world is of pivotal importance to shaping a better future for the peoples of our region,” said Aboulgheit in the letter, according to Daily Sabha, a news agency. 

Beyond demographic boundaries, the letter aims to improve relations between Turkey and the Arab world. Furthermore, it is asserted that the improved links will benefit all parties involved, including those in the various regions.

(Source: Arab News)

According to Professor Ali Bakir, who spoke with a private news outlet, the relationship between the two nations is also anticipated to strengthen collaboration between the defense and military sectors of the two countries as well as tourism and energy.

The experts have now betted upon how the two countries will handle each other’s co-existence.

Researcher on Turkish issues Taha Odeh Oglu discusses the future of the bilateral relationship. He discusses the new rule that would be implemented in conjunction with the ongoing connection.

“Turkish economy requires forging good relations with a large number of Arab, Islamic, and Gulf countries, in particular,” Oglu told Anadolu.

“We noticed that the Turkish-Saudi relationship has reached an advanced stage, and there is information that President Erdogan will visit Saudi Arabia after this victory,” he further added in his interview. 

Experts contend that actions done to improve relations would be beneficial to both countries and would foster mutual trust between them over time, given the difficult connection between the two nations.

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