AI Could “Kill Many Humans,” Says Rishi Sunak’s Advisor.

According to Matt Clifford, it has the capacity to produce biological and cybernetic weapons that may cause a great deal of devastation. 

 UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) systems are on pace to become powerful enough to “kill many humans” in only two years.

Notably, Matt Clifford is serving as the prime minister’s representative on the Foundation Model Taskforce for the government, which looks into artificial intelligence languages models like ChatGPT and Google Bard. (Aria) The Advanced Research and Invention Agency is also led by him.

In a TalkTV interview, Mr. Clifford asserted that AI has the capacity to produce biological and cyber weapons that might cause a large number of fatalities. He added that unless producers of AI are subject to global regulation, there may be “very powerful” systems that humans may find difficult to control.

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I believe that there are many different kinds of hazards associated with AI. We frequently discuss both long-term and near-term risks in the industry, and the latter are truly quite frightening. AI can currently be used to develop new bioweapons recipes or to carry out extensive cyberattacks. According to Mr. Clifford, these are negative things.

What happens once we successfully develop a new species, you know, an intelligence that is higher than humans, is the kind of existentialism risk that, in my opinion, the letter writers were referring to, he continued.

His remarks follow a letter from dozens of specialists warning that the dangers posed by the technology should be addressed with the same level of urgency as Covid or nuclear war.

When asked what % likelihood he would assign to AI eradicating humans, Mr. Clifford responded, “I believe it is not zero.”

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He said, “It’s right that it should be very high on the policymakers’ agendas. If we try to create artificial intelligence that is more intelligent than humans and we don’t know how to handle it, then that’s going to create a possibility for all sorts of hazards now and in the future.”

He did add, though, that AI may be a pressure for good if properly utilized.

Numerous professionals working in the industry have also expressed similar worries. Stability AI’s founder, Emad Mostaque, has recently cautioned that AI may one day surpass mankind in strength and take control of humanity. 

A computer scientist who is frequently referred to as “the godfather of artificial intelligence” has left his position at Google to advocate against the use of AI. He claimed that “profound threats to society and humanity” were presented by the field’s advancements.

Elon Musk, a tech entrepreneur, and a number of other specialists called for a halt in the growth of AI systems in March to give researchers time to ensure their safety. 

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Systems could eventually be strong enough to cause actual damage, according to Matt Clifford.

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