AfD, Germany’s far right – wing party following the Nazis

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The AfD has in recent times, gathered significant support from the people in Germany and continues to have influence as one of the major opposition parties in the German Parliament. The right-wing party seems to employ neo-Nazi typicalities in their approach.

The Alternative for Germany, commonly known as the AfD, has seen its influence spread wide at a fast pace since its formation in 2013. It is now one of the major parties constituting the opposition in Germany and has 89 seats in the Bundestag, or the parliament.

The party was anti-euro basically and soon moved on to expressing their displeasure at immigration and presently is seen as on the extreme right. It was strongly opposed to former Chancellor Angela Merkel accepting attitude towards the refugees, most importantly those who arrived in Germany from Arab countries. About 1.5 million refugees came to Germany since 2015.

AfD seeks to change the constitution and abolish the right to individual hearing in cases of asylum and at once would deport the people whose applications are in the status of rejection, those people will still be sent back to the places without even considering that the place would be favourable for them in terms of security.

Along with this, it is in favour of foreigners who perform criminal activities in Germany being put in prisons outside of it and trying children from 12 years of age as adults for some categories of offences.

AfD further looks to sealing the borders of the European Union’s borders, impose thorough determinations of identity at Germany’s borders and establishing holding camps in other countries to stop the migrants from arriving in Germany all at once.

The party is of the thought that as a result of immigration, Germany is seeing a rising influence of Islam and which is affecting the religious foundations of the German society and considers itself to be a protective barrier for Christian ideals.

AfD’s conflicted leadership

AfD has occasionally said to have disputes over the ideologies which form the party as being divided into moderate and right-wing. The right-wing principles were more popular which now guide the party’s workings along with hints of racism and anti-Semitism.

Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland took control of the leadership of AfD after Frauke Petry resigned due to disputes amongst the members of the party. AfD emphasises a lot on traditional values but Weidel still, very different from what she has subscribed to.

According to the manifesto of AfD, a family should be traditional, constituted by a father, mother and kids. Weidel, however, is lesbian and has two children with her partner, Sarah Bossard, a film producer from Switzerland, where she lives part-time.

Weidel stated that she acquainted herself with a family of refugees from Syria. She emphasised on the fact that they were Christians and had left Syria due to the fear of persecution by the Islamic State.

Weidel further said that she helped them adjust to their life in Germany and in turn the family paid her back by offering to work as help in her house.

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Alexander Gauland, who was previously a member of the Christian Democratic Union or the CDU, left the party as he could not see eye-to-eye with its shift towards the left-wing politics. As per an analysis of the elections in Germany in 2017, several people who supported AfD previously supported the CDU.

However many, think that AfD is a mode for Gauland to persuade the CDU to embrace the right-wing politics once again. Still, many other think that Gauland has now wholly taken to the AfD ideals.

Gauland further asked for disposing of Aydan Ozoguz, Germany’s commissioner for immigration, refugees and integration by sending her to Turkey, where she had her roots. While referring to refugees he said “We have to endure the cruel images and keep the borders closed. We cannot be blackmailed by the eyes of kids.”

But, Dorothea, Gauland’s daughter does not support her father in his bid to anti-immigration and because she works as a pastor, she invited an Eritrean refugee into her parish in Russelheim.

AfD has been, since it came to being, has been accused of promoting neo-Nazism. The members of the party such Bjorne Hocke are said to encourage Nazi ideas and language.

The party now, for a considerable period of time has garnered efficient support. It has majorly influenced the people into a having a right-wing mindset while thinking politically and is at the forefront of the right wing.

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