A ‘Baby’ ARMY’s Review of the August D Performance (Suga BTS)

Izza Haziqah of CNA Lifestyle was equally thrilled to finally glimpse one of the boy’s live even though it’s not the entire BTS. The first night of Suga’s solo performances at the Singapore Stadium as August D, which take place from June 16 to 19, was as follows.

I experienced the same level of sadness as the rest of the BTS ARMY when the K-pop group announced that they would be taking a break in the mid of 2022. 

I anticipated that the successive BTS concert as an entire septet would take some time given that Jin and J-Hope were serving their military obligations in South Korea and that V, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and Suga would follow suit.

They had previously visited Singapore twice: once for the Red Bullet tour in 2014 and again in 2019, for their Love Yourself global tour, where they played to a packed house at the National Stadium. 

I wanted to feel what it was like, even if it wasn’t the complete band for now, as a self-described 27-year-old “baby ARMY” who just recently joined the fandom (the optimistic sentiments of their music were a comfort during the pandemic).

Needless to say, I was ecstatic to hear that Suga would be performing at the Singapore Stadium on June 17 and 18, with a later added event on the 16th, together with his non-BTS rapping alter ego Agust D.

My ARMY friends and I eventually managed to acquire tickets for the Friday show, but this was my first BTS-related event, so I had little to no idea what to expect from the hectic ticketing process to the vibes and amazing sights both inside and outside the arena.

Fans, merchandise, and welfare packages

When I showed up there at the Stadium grounds in the afternoon, I thought I was early, but it turns out I wasn’t. 

Several people had already been standing in queue patiently since 4 a.m. that day to purchase official tour merchandise, braving the sweltering heat with their portable fans and umbrellas.

In another location, fans had gathered around Kallang Wave Mall since 8 am to hand out free BTS and Suga-themed trinkets like pins, key chains and photo cards, and lanyards. Justine J, 27, and Rahidah Rashid 28, who had lots of photo cards to give to every fan who requested them, were two of them that I got to know.

Rahidah remarked, “We just love to show our love for the guys. “I want to represent the values that BTS upholds, such as positivity and watching out for one another.”

There were also individuals who shared welfare packages with tissues (for sweat and tears rather than blood), lozenges (for sore throats brought on by shouting), candy (to occupy one while in queue) and even earbuds. 

The audience was noticeably international even though the concert was in Singapore. I was able to get friends with ARMYs from other countries, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, who had flown in. 

The 37 years old fan from Manila who arrived with two others stated, “I attempted the Jakarta and Bangkok concert, but could only make it for Singapore. Although I’ve been a fan in 2016 till now, this will be my first time watching one of the performers. I’m very thrilled to be here.

Once everyone has completed their military service in 2025, the boys will reunite in their entirety. Two years doesn’t seem all that horrible when you give it some thought. We’ll be there if one of them decides to embark on a solo tour, but until then, ARMYs new and old will have to wait for what’s to come.

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